mintage numbers for all projects

Goxxed for the Last Time? Commiserative coin 2013-2014

180 'original' - silver plated, unnumbered

20 pure silver 'original' - unnumbered

31 pure silver numbered (numbered from 21 onwards)

120 silver plated commiserative numbered

120 gold plated commiserative numbered

Total: 420 plated, 51 pure silver

Please note that the final number is slightly inflated. Approximately 50-80 plated coins were never sold and are marked for destruction (melting into ingots).

Actual plated amount in circulation is therefore in fact closer to 350-370.

Unobtanium bar 2014-2015

Silver plated: 189

Gold plated: 25

Gold plated error strikes: 4

Pure silver: 50

Total UNO bars in circulation: 268

4 Years of DOGE anniversary bar 2018

40 copper plated, 42 silver plated, 20 gold plated

50 pure silver

misc: 2 matte plated test bars donated to charity auction

50 misc plated bars destroyed (part of a backup batch that was meant to be matte)

Matte batch:

20 copper plated matte, 20 silver plated matte, 10 gold plated matte. 15 bars B-stock due to polishing technique. Leaving only 35 'perfect' strikes of this edition.

Total in circulation or available for sale: 202 bars